Red Lines Tools

Red Lines Tools

version 1.3

This application is a collection of tools created to help developers and designers create and inspect user interfaces. But a lot of settings and their flexibility allow to make the application useful for a wide range of different users.

Red Lines Tool
Add Lines
  • Move the cursor to move the line or use if you need super accuracy.
  • Click to add a line, you can also press the or key for this.
  • To change the orientation (horizontal ⇆ vertical) of the line use the option key.
  • Use the 1-9 keys to select the line style. View and edit the line styles you can in the preferences.
  • Press esc to finish adding.
Edit Lines
  • To change the location of an already added line, simply drag it to the right place.
  • To delete a line, move it to the edge of the screen.
  • Press esc to finish editing.
Lines Set
  • You can save different sets of lines and reuse them.
  • To delete a set, open the menu, hold option key and select the set to delete in the submenu "Remove Lines Set ►"
Zoom Tool

  • Move the cursor to move the focus frame or use keys if you need to move one subpixel.
  • Use + key to Zoom Up or - to Zoom Down, or use the button in the window.
  • Hold ⌘ Command key and move the cursor to make a measurement.
  • Press ␣ Space to copy the color value of the center pixel. Your can set the format of the value using the context menu or preferences.


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